Winery Škurla

Family tradition of wine production from native croatian grape varieties

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Plata s tradicionalnim dalmatinskim proizvodima: domaći kruh, kravlji i kozji sir, pršut, pečenica, masline, bademi. Vina Vinarije Škurla u bocama: vrhunsko suho crno vino plavac mali Liberan, kvalitetno suho crno vino Plavac mali i kvalitetno suho bijelo vino Rukatac. Natočene čaše crnog i bijelog vina. Prikazano na drvenom stolu u rustikalnom ambijentu

Taste wine and visit our cellar

Boce vina Vinarije Škurla od autohtonih sorti poluotoka Pelješca i južne Dalmacije; kvalitetno crno suho vino plavac mali, vrhunsko vino plavac mali Liberan, kvalitetno bijelo suho vino rukatac i vrhunsko bijelo suho vino pošip, prikazane u rustikalnom ambijentu

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Vinar okružen bačvama vina ručno puni boce vina tradicionalne pelješke sorte Plavac mali u podrumu Vinarije Škurla

Family tradition of wine production

Winery Skurla is a family-owned winery settled in the picturesque landscapes of Pelješac peninsula.
At Winery Škurla, we focus on our family tradition by crafting high-quality and premium wines from Croatia’s native grape varieties, including the renowned Plavac mali, Rukatac, and Pošip. Our dedication to these indigenous grapes allows us to capture the unique terroir of our region, resulting in wines that reflect the rich history and distinctive character of Pelješac.

Central to our winemaking philosophy is the harmonious blend of traditional methods and modern techniques. We believe in respecting the natural rhythms of the vineyard while also harnessing the latest advancements in technology to ensure consistency of quality in every bottle.

Our Happy Guests!

Beautiful tasting room and beautiful wines. Very personal service, the host made us feel welcome at their family winery and gave a great explanation of the history and process. On top of that it is very reasonably priced. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a day trip from Dubrovnik or anywhere else nearby.



United Kingdom

Absolutely the best wines in Croatia, and we drank all over the country.  These wines rival California’s (where I am from) and we always love to support family owned businesses.  Try their liquors, too.  Go!




A lovely find!! We had a wonderful experience off the beaten path. This winery felt like the real deal and wine did not disappoint. The proprietors were friendly, the tasting room clean and well decorated and the food pairings delicious! We enjoyed the delicious wines, good atmosphere and rustic setting. We left with good memories and bottles of wine, we’ll definitely be back!


Jacob Luke

United States of America
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